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Alphabetical List

126th Street 1958

133 East 64th Street 1940s

139 West 48th Street 1908

142 East 16th Street 1950s

142 East 18th Street 1935

14th Street 1800s

14th Street and 6th Avenue 1864

14th Street Near Union Square 1940

15 East 36th Street 1892

16 West 4th Street 1898

1815 Park Ave Harlem 1985

192 Hudson Street 1900

211 East 48th Street 1949

241 - 243 West 23rd Street 1845-67

3 East 83rd Street 1935

343-347 Fourth Avenue 1854

3rd Avenue Car Barn 1936

40th Street Between 6th and 7th Avenues 1938

425 Park Avenue 1957

42nd Street 1946

441 Broadway 1800s

47-49 Catherine Street 1900s

4th Avenue nr 10th Street Horse Car 1865

52nd Street 1888

53 Gansevoort Street 1930s

551 Madison Avenue 1900s

57 Park Avenue 1960

591 Broadway 1800s

5th Avenue 1800s

5th Avenue 1900s

5th Avenue 1904

5th Avenue and 42nd Street 1920

5th Avenue and 42nd Street 1937

5th Avenue at 51st Street 1900

60th Street and Madison Avenue 1930s

660 5th Avenue 1800s

6th Avenue 1940s

6th Avenue 42nd Street 1932

70th Street nr West End Avenue 1891

71-77 Washington Street 1940s

818 Broadway 1800s

86th Street 1980s

8th Ave Trolley 1904

8th Avenue 1936

8th Avenue and 35th 1945

9th Avenue Elevated Subway 1930s

Academy of Music 1800s

Academy of Music 1800s (1)

Airline Terminal 1940s

Alabama Avenue 1855

Allen Ginsberg, MacDougal Street 1959

Alvin Theater 1946

Ambassador Theater 1921

American Express Hudson Street 1800s

Americana Hotel 1960s

Anarchist Bombing Wall Street 1920

Angel's Curve 9th Avenue 110th Street 1886

Anti Nazi Rally Madison Square Garden 1937

Arsenal Central Park 1914

Ashmead Park, Jamaica, Queens 1914

Astor House 1913

Astor House Demolition 1913

Astor Place 1949

Auto Insurance Patrol 1913

Auto Street Cleaner 1900s

Babe Ruth on Opening Day of Yankee Stadium 1923

Bandit's Roost, Mulberry Street Back Alley 1888

Barnum Museum 1858

Battery 1883

Battery Park 1974

Baxter Street 1800s

Bayard Street, 5 cent Lodging 1888

Bellvue Hospital Ambulance 1895

Bicycle Messenger 1898

Bill Posters (Grecian Bend) 1800s

Billy Graham, Hell's Kitchen 1960

Blizzard, City Hall Post Office, Park Row 1888

Bowery and 1st Street 1940s

Bowery and Division Street 2nd and 3rd Ave El Lines 1936

Bowery at Canal Street 1888

Bowery nr Grand Street 1900

Bowery Street Lodgings 1800s

Bowery Theatre 1904

Bowling Green 1914

Boy & Gun, Bronx 1969

Broad Channel 1900s

Broadway 1860

Broadway 1894

Broadway and 20th Street 1800s

Broadway and Franklin Street 1800s

Broadway Bridge on Fulton Street 1800s

Broadway from between Grand and Broome Street 1800s

Broadway Looking North 1800s

Broadway looking North, West 26th Street 1800s

Broadway Looking South (West 50th Street) 1962

Broadway nr 14th Street 1800s

Broadway, North from Barnum's Museum 1800s

Broadway,Sheraton Astor Hotel,Loews Theater 1950s (2)

Broadway/Sheraton Astor Hotel/Loews Theater 1950s

Bronx 138th Street 1935

Bronx Zoo 1910

Brooklyn Bridge 1800s

Brooklyn Bridge 1896

Brooklyn Bridge 1933

Broome Street 1935

Broome Street 1940

Broome Street 1976

Broome Street Mid 70s

Bush Terminal 1910

Castle Clinton/Castle Garden 1900s


Central Park 1912

Charlie Chaplin Bonds Wall Street 1917

Chatham Square 1800s

Children in the Street 1909

Children Licking Ice on Hot Day 1911

Children Playing in Vacant Lot Brooklyn 1934

Chinatown 1962

Christopher Street 1906

Christopher Street/Pier 1800s

Church of the Disciples, Madison Avenue 1875

City Hall 1865

City Hall Post Office Building 1906

Cliff and Ferry Street 1935

Clyde 'Kingfish' Smith, Street Vendor 300 E101 Street 1943

Coenties Slip 1800s

Coney Island 1912

Coney Island 1913

Construction of 100 Park Avenue 1948

Corner 7th Ave and 42nd Street 1967

Corner of 47 Prince Street and Mulberry Street 1922

Cort Hotel 42nd Street 1920

Cortlandt Street 1936

Crime Scene Photo 1914

Crotona Park 1941

Crust Shanty 5th Avenue 1800s

Dakota Apartments 1890

Delancey Street to Williamsburgh Bridge 1919

Dispensary E80th St 1955

Donkey Ride Central Park 1904

Dorothy Day Civil Defense Protests 1959

Double Decker Bus 1953

Douglas Fairbanks War Bonds Wall Street1917

East 32nd Street 1934

East 34th Street 1800s

East River Pier 1941

Eastern Parkway 1896

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage 1900s

Elevated Railway 3rd Ave. 1950

Elizabeth Street 1912

Ellis Island 1892

Evelyn Nesbitt 1906

Father Divine, Rockland Palace 1930s

Father Duffy Square 1941

FBI Raid Tammany Hall 1930s

Federal Building, NY World Fair 1939

Ferry Street 1941

Filmore East 1969

First Sony Store, 5th Avenue 1962

Five Points 1800s

Five Points 1861

Flatiron Construction 1902

Floating Bath 1938

Fulton Fish Market 1892

Garbage Strike 1911

General Ulysses S, Grant Funeral 1885

German American Bund Parade East 86th Street 1939

Governor's Island 1864

Grand Central 1880

Harbour 1859

Harlem 1935

Harlem 1949

Harlem Renaissance Big Five 1920s

Hendrickson Street 1950s

Herald Square Station of the 6th Avenue EL 1890

Hester Street 1900

High Bridge 1800s

Hilltop Park 1903

Hoboken Ferry Terminal 1905

Holland Tunnel 1949

Horatio Street/Pier 1800s

Horse Showerbath 1910

Horsedrawn Car 1895

Horse-Drawn Street Car 1900s

Horton's Row Staten Island 1900s

Ice Skating near the Dakota 1880s

International Womens' Day March 1908

Jay Street 1937

Joe Gallo Murder 1972

Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Bryant Park 1934

Kids on the East River 1921

Kids Selling Newspapers near City Hall 1896

Knickerbocker Life Insurance Company, Park Place 1800s

Kosciuszko Bridge 1939

Kosciuszko Bridge 1939 (view sth)

Lenox Hill Settlement House Early 1930s

Lincoln Funeral Cortege 1865

Little Italy 1930s

Loew's Paradise Theater 1930s

London Terrace 1930s

Longacres Square (Now Times Square) 1880

Looting 1977 Blackout

Lower Broadway 1895

Lower East Side 1800s

MacDougal Alley 1936

Madison Square Garden 1890s

Maiden Lane 1974

Maillard's Restaurant 1900s

Manhattan Bridge Construction 1909

Mayfair Theatre 1951

McAuley Mission 1900s

McKibben Street 1939

Metropole Cafe 1948

Metropolitan Avenue 1937

Montford House 1900s

Mott Street 1900s

Mott Street Between Grand and Broome Street 1910

Mulberry Bend 1888

Mulberry Street 1800s

Mullens Alley 1888

National Academy of Design 4th Ave and 23rd Street 1800s

New York Presbyterian Hospital 1939

News Building 42nd Street 1935

Newspaper sellers near Rutgers Street 1900s

Newsstand 1935

NY Herald Building 1890

NY Herald Building 1895

NY Museum of Anatomy 618 Broadway 1870s

Old Lady Carrying Load, Lafayette Street 1912

Opium Den 1890s

Original Penn Station 1962

Orpheum Dance Palace 1944

Palace Theatre 1920

Panther 21 Trial 1970

Park Hill, Yonkers 1800s

Park Row 1900

Peddler, Broadway 1909

Penn Station Interior 1935

Pennsylvania Avenue 1896

Pike Street 1931

Pike Street 1936

Plaza Hotel 1901

Police Headquarters 1908

Polo Grounds 1925

Polo Grounds 1961

Port Arthur Restaurant Mott Street 1900s

Port Arthur Teahouse, Mott Street 1910

Potato Vendor 1937

Pretzel Street Sellers Late1800s/1900s

Queensboro Bridge

Radio City 1965

Radio City Music Hall 1950s

Rag Collector 1896

Rag Picker's Row circa Mulberry Street 1890

Rail Accident 1905

Raymond Street Jail

Rent Strike Harlem 1919

Reservoir 5th Avenue 1800s

Richmond Terrace, Staten Island 1898

Rockerfeller Centre 1965

Roosevelt Hospital 1800s

San Juan Hill 1940s

San Juan Hill 1940s (2)

Sara D Roosevelt Park 1935

Shanty 1900

Sheridan Square and Washington Place 1880s

Shoeshiner Line-Up 1800s

Shooting of Mayor William Jay Gaynor 1910

South Ferry 1940s

South Street 1933

St. Nicholas Hotel 1800s

St. Patrick's Cathedral 1904

Stone Street 1920s

Stonewall Inn 1969

Stonewall Riots 1969

Street Baseball 1950s

Subway 1980

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The History of New York City

New York was founded as a commercial trading post by the Dutch in 1624. The settlement was called New Amsterdam until 1664 when the colony came under English control. New York served as the capital of the United States from 1785 until 1790. It has been the country's largest city since 1790. As many as 800 languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world

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